Here you have it, Minni Ball 1.0 a PC in a ball. Its about the size of a basket ball and surprising enough it has exceptional cooling. Keep in mind this is the prototype and needs many revisions but it will give you the idea for now.

Case: 13" Guinna pig ball......LOL!!
Mobo: Asus Minni ATX
CPU: 2.8 Pentium Dual Core
PSU: 300W A-Open
GPU: on board
Hard Disk: 80Gb WD

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Minni Ball Ptototype finished.

I put this together with the idea of getting a ground foundation laid out for a sphere shaped computer. The Mini ATX board is to bit but will be sized down to a Mini ITX board for the finished product. With a board that small I can add a decent video card and some wireless capabilities. The only cables I want on the next model are video, power and optional network. It will have blue tooth mouse and keyboard and on board wifi.